Jewish Prague with Yvonne

This educational, yet relaxing tour offers an opportunity to learn about Prague's Jewish history and heritage. Our colleague Yvonne is a passionate historian and specialist on her subject. Prague's Jewish Quarter, with its beautiful synagogues, is one of the best preserved in Europe. Don't worry about too much walking, all sights are close to each other and there is always a chance to sit and relax indoors.


Our tours are based on historical research, rather than legends and myths. Thanks to our academic background our tours are known for their high historical value which is shared in an engaging way.

You will visit all of the synagogues located in the Prague Jewish Quarter. Maisel and Klausen's synagogues are used for exhibitions of Jewish history. Pinkas synagogue serves as the Shoa memorial in Prague. The famous Old-new synagogue is the oldest active synagogue in Europe and the Spanish synagogue is known for its stunning oriental architecture. You will also visit one of the best-preserved medieval Jewish cemeteries in the world. 

Private tour:

The price of this private tour (only you on the tour) starts at 170 EUR. Price varies based on the number of participants. If your hotel is located in the Old Town area, you will be picked up in the lobby of your hotel at 9:30 AM or at 2:00 PM. The tour usually ends in the Jewish Quarter.

Exclusive semi-private tour:

The exclusive semi-private tours are limited (4 - 8 participants) to ensure a meaningful and personalized experience. The walking tour takes 3 hours. You would meet Yvonne at a specified address in the Jewish Quarter at 9:30 AM. The price per person starts at 70 EUR - families or students always receive a discount.

Entrance fee to the Jewish Museum of Prague: five synagogues, medieval Jewish cemetery, and the Old New Synagogue: 500 CZK per adult/ 350 CZK per student.



Yvonne had a speech at the EU parliament members and ministers delegation to Auschwitz organized by the European Jewish Association. 

Yvonne Weisgrab

Our colleague Yvonne at the Jewish Cemetery in Prague next to the grave of legendary Rabbi Jehuda Löw ben Bezalel, also known as Maharal of Prague (מהר״ל מפראג).

Rachelle Fraenkel, mother of murdered Israeli teenager Naftali, who was one of the three teenagers killed leading to the Tzuk Eitan war in 2014, visiting Prague Jewish Quarter with Yvonne.

Famous Israeli - Jewish Rights activist Rudy Rochman touring Prague Jewish Quarter with our team member Yvonne. 

Yvonne Weisgrab and Pavel Batel

Pavel Batel and Yvonne Weisgrab during an interview with Amos Hausner, son of Israeli politician Gideon Hausner, a man who prosecuted and interrogated Adolf Eichmann, sharing many things that are not mentioned in Gideon Hasner´s famous book "Justice in Jerusalem".

Anna during an interview with Tomas Kraus, Jewish Federation and Communities director for the Czech Republic, about his father legendary Czech writer and reporter (a member of AK-1 transport to Terezin) and the current situation of the Jewish population in Bohemia.

Yvonne Penkavova presenting Terezin ghetto research at Museum of Jewish Heritage in New York. 

 Israel J. Yuval, Professor of Jewish History at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem visiting the Jewish Quarter in Prague with Yvonne Weisgrab Penkavova.

Yvonne Weisgrab interviewing Israeli Holocaust historian Ph.D. Florence Luxenberg-Eisenberg

Yvonne Weisgrab interviewing Israeli Holocaust historian Ph.D. Florence Luxenberg-Eisenberg who is specializing in research of unrecognized ghettos and mass graves not only in Eastern Europe. 

Yvonne at the Chinese University of Hong Kong as one of the organizers of Pavel Batel's lecture about Terezin.

Anna interviewing Svata Vynal, niece of Edvard Beneš, a man who was a president of Czechoslovakia between 1935 - 1948. The interview was not only about funny stories about Svata Vynal´s uncle Edvard Beneš, but also a description of Prague's Nazi occupation, changing conditions towards the Jewish population and destiny of many president's family members in concentration camps.

Yvonne (first in the left-hand corner) member of the European Union for Progressive Judaism Conference.

Benjamin Murmelstein (standing in the right corner) - the last and only surviving Elder of Theresienstadt - was accused by historians of collaborating with Nazis and imprisoned in the Czech Republic for almost a year after the war. His son, Wolf Murmelstein spent his entire life trying to clear his father's name.

Our team member Yvonne Penkavova (in the blue t-shirt) volunteered with Sar-El in the Israeli Defence Forces.

Yvonne Weigrab is leading interview with Mr. Hejda, one of the founders of Charta 77

Yvonne is leading interview with Mr. Hejda, one of the founders of Charta 77 (legendary anti-communist pact demanding human rights). A man who illegally disconnected radio connections to avoid contra revolution prepared by the Russan army in 1968 is describing to Yvonne details of the isolation of Jewish families from society through Nazi propaganda and restrictions orders. None of his Jewish friends have ever returned back from concentration camps.

Yvonne Penkavova working on research of desolated Jewish cemeteries in Eastern Bohemia. A number of Jewish communities disappeared during the Second World War, former synagogues are mostly rebuilt and used as private houses.

Anna interviewing Svata Vynal, niece of Edvard Beneš, a man who was a president of Czechoslovakia between 1935 - 1948. The interview was not only about funny stories about Svata Vynal´s uncle Edvard Beneš, but also a description of Prague's Nazi occupation, changing conditions towards the Jewish population and destiny of many president's family members in concentration camps.

Reviews on our guides:

We had Yvonne as our guide for the Jewish Quarter in Prague. The only way I can describe our experience with her is to tell you I would have made her one of my daughters if she wanted to come to the states. Beautiful, passionate and so knowledgeable.

Beverly P.

I live in Prague but my nephew was visiting from the States after traveling in Israel so although I've been through the Jewish Quarter many times, I wanted him to experience it with an expert. Our tour with Yvonne Weisgrab was more interesting, informative and insightful than I could have imagined - she is an absolute gem! Besides sharing her in-depth historical knowledge, she also gave her perspective as a young Czech Jewish woman and made what could have been a rather typical historical tour come to life with a passion that resonated with my 22-year-old nephew. Like many of his generation, he was unaware of the rich Jewish history of Prague but thanks to Yvonne, he became interested and curious to learn more. I absolutely recommend taking this tour with Yvonne to anyone who wants to not only "see" the historical sites but also come away with a context and understanding of Jewish history in Prague that Yvonne brilliantly provided.

Anna Moritz

Anna is a wonderful tour guide. She is extremely knowledgeable and has a serious passion for what she does. She is also warm and friendly and shares her own family's history which added so much to the tour. I would highly recommend this tour.

Sharon B.

We had an exceptionally interesting and enjoyable afternoon being guided through the Prague Jewish Quarter by Yvonne. She proved to be highly knowledgeable and experienced with her understated enthusiasm enhancing our experience. Her English is faultless.

Romie and Esther Tager

Our experience with Yvonne Weisgrab was above any expectations. This young lady was so knowledgeable, enthusiastic and passionate that we'll never forget the history of Jewish Prague ever. It made me realize the difference between the teachers. If all would be like Yvonne our new generation would recognize the full worth of own Jewish roots even more! Thank you, Yvonne, for a wonderful tour.

Maria S.

Our family toured the Prague Jewish Quarter with Yvonne one morning and a day-long tour of Terezin with Pavel a couple of days later. Both tours were truly outstanding - not to be missed! Both guides were excellent, deeply knowledgeable, and great communicators. These tours were the highlights of the many wonderful experiences we had in Prague, a fascinating city.

Glyn P.

We had the pleasure of taking a half day tour of the Prague Jewish Quarter with Alice, who is clearly knowledgeable, professional, and quite charming. Her English language skills are impeccable, and she combines a command of the subject matter with a sense of humor and engaging personality. We were thoroughly pleased.

Ken Danbury

My family just have experienced a very powerful and exciting private tour of the Jewish quarter with Yvonne. My teenage boys were hooked from the beginning to the end. That doesn't happen very often! The tour was energetic full of questions and answers. We recommend it highly to anybody with the desire to experience something special as we did. Thank you, Yvonne!

M. Solomon

I would like to highly recommend both Yvonne Weisgrab and Terezin Tours if you are in Prague. The tour of the Jewish Quarter with Hana was extremely informative and gave us a great insight into the History. We were two couples from Australia and all four of us could not recommend Terezin Tours highly enough.

Sandi W.

We had a very informative morning with Alice walking the Jewish quarter. Starting on a historical basis she moved us through the history and life of the Jewish people in Prague. Alicia brings her own interest, knowledge and the fact she grew up in the area to ensure it's interesting and a touch personal.

Bruce R.

My husband and I spent three informative hours touring the Jewish quarter in Prague with Yvonne of Terezin Tours. Yvonne is a student studying Czech Jewish history and she is a wealth of knowledge about the History of Jews in Prague. We would highly recommend Yvonne as a tour guide!

Judy D.

As a Jewish couple, my wife and I visited for the first time in Prague. Yvonne was a very enthusiastic and exciting tour guide about every detail in the lost history of Jewish life in Prague. Going through the old Synagogues, cemetery and the Jewish Ghetto With Yvonne, and the information given by her we felt very connected to our European roots (had we have gone on our own we wouldn't have felt as connected).
We loved every moment not noticing time as we traveled through time.
we will recommend to all friends and family to hear and feel what Yvonne has to say.

D. Goffen

During the first week of September, we took a tour with Alice. She met us at our hotel and we walked to the Jewish Quarter, just a few blocks away. Alice gave us a great overview of the history of the Jewish Quarter and had many stories of the people and places. He knowledge of the Jewish Quarter and the City of Prague is outstanding. We had a great afternoon.

Randall G.

My private tour with Yvonne was amazing! She is so intelligent, and she was very informative on everything I wanted to know. She really cares about what she does, and that is completely evident. I would highly recommend this tour with Yvonne. It was the highlight of my weekend in Prague!

T. Meyer

Alice was waiting in the lobby of our hotel at 9 am as agreed. She is incredibly knowledgable and so easy to be with that by the end of the tour we felt that she had become a dear friend. She looked after us and whisked us past all the heaving tour groups and queues so that the whole morning could be spent absorbing the history of the Jewish community of Prague. She made sure we saw the best and most interesting sites so that the morning sped by. We could have spent all day with her. I would recommend her private tour to anyone looking for a memorable and unique experience.

Elisa Lott 

My husband and I spent a memorable 3 hours touring around the area and synagogues with Yvonne Weisgrab. She is a lovely young lady who clearly has a passion for the subject. We learned so much, it was also a privilege to visit the synagogue where our Torah scroll had been stored during the war. I would definitely recommend this tour, whilst walking around we could also see the size of some group tours these were very large.

Bertha Burke


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