Research on Czech Jewish history and activism of Yvonne Weisgrab 

Yvonne while visiting one of the forgotten Jewish cemeteries in Bohemian Countryside.


Yvonne Weisgrab is a student of Jewish Studies at the Department of Middle Eastern Studies at Charles University in Prague. She is focusing on bringing back the forgotten Jewish history of the Bohemian countryside. Her work includes documenting Jewish sights such as synagogues, cemeteries, and neighborhoods. 

Yvonne's words:

"After the Holocaust, small Jewish communities were never reestablished, and during the forty years of the communist regime, the Holocaust wasn't presented properly and disappeared from the common knowledge of the Czech nation. Jewish property was stolen and many synagogues were abandoned, demolished, or rebuilt into private houses or garages. My goal is to bring awareness of Jewish presence in regions and make sure that the Jewish sights are respected and acknowledged.  Now, it is our responsibility to preserve what we still can."

- Yvonne Weisgrab 

What needs to be changed? For example:

Synagogue in Velké Meziříčí was built in 1868 and was active until the Second World War. The local community was never re-established and the synagogue is used as a market of local stores with cheap goods. The main sign says "Center of Cheap Shopping - textile, shoes, purses, drinks...".

Synagogue in Volyně was built in 1840, it is one of the very few synagogues in the world built in Empir architectonical style. It was active until 1939 and used as a storage of confiscated property of local Jewish families. Today, the synagogue is used as a nightclub. On the top of the building, you can see two lions holding a shield with Hebrew letters as an original decoration of the synagogue. The sign "Disco Caribic" stands for the name of the nightclub".


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Yvonne's clients and activities:

Yvonne with famous pro-Israeli activist Rudy Rochman by Spanish synagogue.

Israel J. Yuval, Professor of Jewish History at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem visiting the Jewish Quarter in Prague with Yvonne Weisgrab.

Yvonne presented Pavel Batel's Terezin Ghetto's research at the Museum of Jewish Heritage in New York.


Pavel Batel and Yvonne Weisgrab during an interview with Amos Hausner, son of Israeli politician Gideon Hausner, a man who prosecuted and interrogated Adolf Eichmann, sharing many things that are not mentioned in Gideon Hasner´s famous book "Justice in Jerusalem".

Yvonne while visiting one of the forgotten Jewish cemeteries in Bohemian Countryside.

Rachelle Fraenkel, mother of murdered Israeli teenager Naftali, who was one of the three teenagers killed leading to the Tzuk Eitan war in 2014, visiting the Prague Jewish Quarter with Yvonne.

Yvonne explored a cellar in Milevsko, Southern Bohemia where she found space from mezuza on the doors. There used to be a synagogue probably in the 18th century. The building is used as a private house today. Yvonne is working on genealogy research for an Israeli artist with Czech roots, Solomon Souza.

Yvonne (first in the left-hand corner) member of the European Union for Progressive Judaism Conference.

Our team member Yvonne Weisgrab (in the blue t-shirt) serving in the Israeli Defence Forces.

Yvonne Weisgrab working on research of desolated Jewish cemeteries in Eastern Bohemia. Several Jewish communities disappeared during the Second World War, former synagogues are mostly rebuilt and used as private houses.

Yvonne Weisgrab by the grave of Judr. August Sien. A first pro-active Czech Jew who dedicated his life to stop Czech hatred against Jews and their hardship to fully connect to only one nation. He was translating prayer to the Czech language and was active (together with the first Czech-speaking Rabbi Bohumil Bondy) in the Vinohrady synagogue, which was the first synagogue where the Czech language was used during the service. August Stein was part of Yvonne's degree thesis research. 


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