Prague Jewish Quarter


private tour with:


Anna Kristyna Sion



Prices are per 3 hours tour (not per person) :

Two participants : 3200 Czech Crowns

Three participants : 4000 CZK

Four participants : 4800 CZK

Entrance fee (500 CZK per person) to all museums and synagogues (including famous Old-New synagoge) is not included.






A.K. Sion became expert on the subject. You will have a unique opportunity to visit the former Jewish Ghetto including these interiors: All synagogues, Old Jewish Cemetery, Jewish Museum and Ceremonial Hall.


This educational, yet relaxing tour offers an opportunity to learn something new about Jewish history and heritage. You will learn for example why Nazis in Prague instead of destroying all Jewish buildings and religious symbols rather use them for their own propaganda plans.

Additionally, Anna will discuss with you how Jewish people are living in Prague today. Don't worry about too much of walking, all sights are very close to each other and there is always a chance to sit and relax indoors.






Documentaries-maker Anna Kristyna Sion is devoting her studies to history of Jewish nation and with historian Pavel Batel is filming interviews with survivors of Holocaust and Second World War era.




Ed Shapson talks about tour of Prague Jewish Quarter with Anna Kristyna Sion at The Frommer's Travel Show Radio




Anna interviewing Mr. Tomas Kraus, Jewish Federation and Communities director for Czech republic, about his father legendary Czech writer and reporter (member of AK-1 transport to Terezin) and current situation of Jewish population in Bohemia.





Rome - Ladispoli (Italy), February 2017

Benjamin Murmelstein (standing in the right corner) - the last and only surviving Elder of Theresienstadt - was accused by historians of collaborating with Nazis and imprisoned in the Czech Republic for almost a year after the war. His son, Wolf Murmelstein (83) spent his entire life trying to clear his father's name.





"We had few laughs together"...listening to family stories of Anna's aunt Svatava Vynal, niece of Edvard Beneš - president of Czechoslovakia between 1935 - 1948. Not only funny stories about her uncle president, but also description of Prague's Nazi occupation, changing conditions towards Jewish population and destiny of many president's family members in concentration camps.
You can watch our short documentary movie with niece of president Edvard Beneš - here




In Ashkelon, Israel - Narration of Petr Erben (Terezin and Auschwitz survivor) about life of Jewish people in Czech republic before the war and about popular Jewish sport organizations - Makkabi Hacair and Hagibor.





Anna listening to the unique story of Peggy Croydon (b. 1930). Her family was classified by the Nuremberg Race Laws as "mixed" and Peggy as a Jewish Mischling. Peggy often reminisced about the importance of the help she received from others. Truly, she owes her life to a number of outstanding individuals. Peggy's wish is to find living descendants and tell them that their parents were heroes. Anna helps her with research, and in contacting archives and ministries.

Video of interview with Mrs Croydon is coming soon





In Ramat Gan, Israel, November 2016

Interview with Ruth Bondy (age 94), legendary historian, Terezin and Auschwitz survivor,

famous Czech writer and translator, about the role of Jewish Museum in Prague during the WW2





In Givat Haim Ihud, Israel - research center Beit Terezin

Interview with Anita Tarsi, the leading Israeli historian on Theresienstadt





Vera Meisels (85 years old) author of the famous Terezin poetry, describing adventure stories about hiding in the forest, events following her arrest, her transportation to Auschwitz, and children's plays performed in Terezin.

In Terezin 2016 - after performing part of "The Fireflies" (children play) on exactly the same stage where the performance took place in March 1945 in front of Adolf Eichman and other high-ranking Nazi officers






Interview with Aaron Cohen (writer, producer and documentaries maker) who created powerful film about Terezin and Auschwitz Jewish hero Freddy Hirsch





July 2017 Lodž, Poland

Anna at the Radegast train station where transports were arriving to Lodž (Litzmannstadt) ghetto and departed to Auschwitz later...




In Yad Vashem..








Prague Jewish Quarter private tour references on TripAdvisor:


To whom it may concern

On the 31st of October 2016 my wife, I and the
Kugler family had ecoyed an excellent tour of
Jewish Prague by Miss Anna Kristyna Sion.
Her knowledge and form of informing us has shown
competence and love for the subject as well as
deep academic knowledge. We were more than
satisfied and would like to espress our thanks for
her excellent tour.

Respectfully yours

Rabbiner Tovia Ben-Chorin and wife Adina
St. Gallen

Anna Kristyna Sion is a SUPER STAR!

I am a lifelong ( I am 66 ) student of Jewish history, with a real knowledge concerning the history and situation relating to that community in Prague that existed before WW II. So, it takes a lot to impress me. Anna did so--mightily. She has a keen ability to provide an over-all historical context to the many sites we saw, tie it to what was going on in the then non- Jewish societies in and around Central Europe, and then explain how what we were seeing fit in-- all in a well organized, compelling, entertaining, and understandable ( not like a dry , canned professorial way that puts one to sleep ) way that resonates with the well informed, and those starting out in their learning. Anna's insights about Czech society during and after the War and during Communism were breathtaking. Many excellent guides walk you around and explain what you are seeing, but are unable to truly explain the true significance of the site in the context of the area's over-all history. Anna was exceptional in the way she laid everything out, and out it together.

New York City, New York




Excellent private tour with Anna Krystyna Sion

We were recommended to tour the Jewish Quarter with Anna Kristyna Sion by guide, Pavel Batel - it was a great suggestion. Anna is a young and enthusiastic guide with a passion for her subject - the history of Jews in Prague.

Anna did a lot more than accompany us to the main sites - she helped us to understand the diversity of strands of Judaism and the role of Jews in Czech life over the last 700 or so years. it was a joy to spend time with a young person so committed to sharing this fascinating story with current and future generations.
Anna - we wish you continued success with your studies and tour guiding. You are a credit to the generations that have gone before you.

Visited December 2014
London, United Kingdom

Jewish quarter experience
Took a private tour with Anna Kristina SIon ( who canbe contacted through Terezin private tour - Prague JEwish quarter).
Anna is a young enthusiastic , knowledgable guide who made the tour informative and we came away with a good understanding of this area.
We visited the synagogues and incredible Cemetary . We learnt about the history of the Czeck Jews from the 1200's. The synagogue with all the names of those who perished in the holocaust as well as the children's drawings from the holocaust was something we will always have in our minds.
I would highly recommend a private tour- it was well worth it!

Visited December 2014
Greater Manchester, United Kingdom

Fantastic Tour of Jewish Quarter with Anna

On the recommendation of Pavel Batel who we visited Terezin with, we hired Anna to guide us around the Jewish Quarter.

As we are not Jewish it was very useful to have Anna to explain more about the Jewish traditions and history than we would have learned from visiting the Synagogues alone. It was very interesting to learn the history of Jews in Prague right back until 1200.

If you are interested in Jewish history in Prague it is definitely worth hiring Anna for the morning to ensure you get as much as possible from your visit.

Visited January 2015

Dumfries, United Kingdom

A thoroughly enjoyable afternoon

We took a private tour around Prague’s Jewish Quarter with the fantastic Anna Kristyna Sion in February 2015. We booked via Pavel Batel on the Terezin Private Tours website and asked after Anna specifically, because of the excellent Tripadvisor reviews we had read about her. Anna is a young, passionate guide and student, with extensive knowledge of Czech Jewish History. The tour lasted just over three hours - Anna walked us through the streets of the Jewish Quarter and took us round the Jewish Museum, the incredibly moving Old Cemetery and four synagogues. All while providing us with incredible insight into Jewish culture in Prague over the last 700 years, which was fascinating. The Pinkas Synagogue was particularly sobering, as the walls are inscribed with the names of thousands of Prague Jews murdered in the Holocaust, and upstairs you can see original artworks that were drawn by Jewish children at the Terezin concentration camp.

We thoroughly enjoyed our afternoon with Anna and would highly recommend this to anyone visiting.

Visited February 2015
Katie B

Great Tour of Prague Jewish Quarter

Any visit to Prague should include a few hours in the Jewish Quarter, just a small area of a few blocks that is full of history, architectural beauty, a sense of spirituality and sadness, and a bit of the mystical. Although my family and I are fairly well-versed in the history of European Jews we hired a guide, Anna Krystina Sion, to take us through the Jewish Quarter and found her to be excellent. She quickly assessed our level of knowledge and our areas of interests and was able to fine-tune her discussion of the various sites to that level. I was very impressed with that because many tour guides don't bother to alter their presentations based on the knowledge of their audience. She has a wealth of knowledge, a great deal of detail at her fingertips and an engaging personality. The four synagogues in the Jewish Quarter are each different, lovely in their own way and have singular histories. A Jewish cemetery is poignant and quietly beautiful. This was a morning well-spent and on our next trip we would not hesitate to hire Anna Krystina to accompany us to Terezin--time did not permit us to do that on this trip.

Visited March 2015
Potomac, Maryland, United States

“Personalized and Intimate Tour of a Powerful Cultural Heritage Site”
In this post, I review both the Jewish Quarter and Cemetery, as well as our tour guide, Anna Kristyna. I am a university professor for the U.S. who takes groups of undergraduate students on an annual European trip to study the legacies of Nazi policing and the control of subjugated in Germany and the Czech Republic. This year (March 2015) I built into our itinerary a tour of the Jewish Quarter and the Jewish Cemetery in Prague; and I hired Anna Kristyna to lead the tour.

First, for anyone interested in Jewish history, particularly during the Nazi occupation, the Jewish Quarter is a must (Technically, Czech was not "occupied," as the Nazi's referred to it as a "protectorate." Anyone wishing to move beyond euphemisms will agree that Czech was indeed occupied). The Quarter resides in a beautiful part of Old City Prague and offers visitors a wonderful walking tour in its own right. The individual synagogues (I think we visited five on the tour) offer a fascinating and fluid history of Jewish cultural life in Prague. I say "fluid" because they are not simply memorials to the past; they continue to tell the story of Jewish life in Prague, which helps visitors understand that a group of people and their social geography should not be strictly defined by the Holocaust. My group and I found the Jewish Museum and Cemetery to be the most moving part of the tour because they both tell the story of the clearance of the Jewish Ghetto. In particular, the cramped cemetery shows off its beautiful headstones, but which are placed in a contorted arrangement due to space limitations and increased confinement.

Now, on to Anna. I had read several reviews of the Jewish Museum and Quarter, noticing that Anna Kristyna was often mentioned as one of the better guides. From the moment I contacted her via email, Anna was friendly, very responsive, and unafraid to help me hone my tour requests. She clearly knows Prague very well; and I found her to be a great resource for other activities in which my group and I were interested. Anna typically specializes in small groups (i.e., up to 5 people), though my group had a total of 13. This led Anna to have to adjust her tour style to fit the size of our group. Nevertheless, she adapted very well and led us on a wonderful tour of the Jewish Quarter. She is very knowledgeable about both the architecture and social history of the Jewish Quarter, demonstrating her breadth of mastery by stopping frequently outside different buildings to offer historical facts that added context to our overall experience. Anna also did a great job blending the guided portion of the tour with some self-directed time. This was great because it gave my group a chance to hear from her about specific locations, and then explore the sites on their own with Anna waiting nearby.

For people who plan to visit the Jewish Quarter (museum, cemetery, synagogues), I highly recommend a guided walking tour; and in that context, I very much recommend Anna Kristyna. She takes care of all entrance fees, which makes the tour a pleasure simply from a logistics standpoint. I cannot imagine a more affable, flexible, and knowledgeable guide. She did great with our large group of 13; and I can only presume she'd be superb with her usual-sized group of 5 or 6.

Visited March 2015
Robert K


"This private tour is simply amazing."
Time just seemed to fly as Anna was showing us around Prague’s Jewish quarter, all the while deftly bringing this (nearly) vanished world alive with many wonderful stories and little known facts. We all had the most wonderful time, and thanks to Anna’s expertise and enthusiasm we came away with a truly memorable experience, one that will stay with us for a very, very long time."
Sam P
Brussels, Belgium
visited june 2015

“Tour with Anna Kristyna Sion”
We booked Anna based on reviews from Trip Advisor and, once again, the contributors to Trip Advisor got it right! Anna was really an exceptional guide in every way.
Not only was she extremely welcoming, with a warm and friendly smile and a big heart, but her scholarly knowledge of the history of the Jews in Prague, as well as the history of Central Europe, was really impressive. My husband and I marveled at much Anna knew and how passionate she was about sharing her knowledge with us. She was more than happy to answer any and all of our questions, and her detailed answers to each of our questions just blew us away, especially considering that she is very young.
Anna has a lovely and clear speaking voice, which was important to me since I find it can be a strain to listen to a heavy accent. We had many wonderful and interesting conversations throughout our half day tour, which Anna paced according to our needs, and we would have loved to have spent the rest of the day with her had she been available. 
Anna also accompanied us on a different trip to Terezin with her colleague, Pavel, and she was a wonderful driver and entertaining and informative guide on the way to and from Terezin. 
Our time with Anna was a highlight of our trip, and my guess is that Anna is going to be very busy as word gets out so I highly recommend you book a tour with her as soon as possible.

Visited May 2015
New York

Superb Private Tour of Jewish Quarter

My family eagerly anticipated our recent trip to Prague. Due to the Jewish heritage on my wife's side, the Jewish Quarter tour was very high on our to do list. In order to maximize the experience, we decided to go with a Private Tour. To our great fortune and delight, we were guided by a young woman named Anna Kristyna Sion.

The Tour itself was captivating and gripping. Despite her relative youth, Ms. Sion is an energetic, passionate and extremely well versed guide on the Jewish Quarter. She speaks excellent English, and in addition to offering incredible detail, she answered my countless questions!

This Private Tour, along with the Private Tour of Terezin by Pavel Batel, were easily the highlights of our trip to Prague. I highly recommend Ms. Sion (and Mr. Batel) to anyone, of any faith, who seeks a deeper understanding of the Jewish Quarter.

As a side note, when I was arranging the Tour via email, I asked Ms. Sion for help in tracking down my "roots." She went above and beyond, both before we left the United States, and after we returned, to help me navigate the confusing Czech Archives. Due in great part to her help, I was able to discover family relations that I did not know even existed!

Visited July 2015

“Fantastic Guide”
Anna Sion was our guide for the Jewish part of Prague and I give her the highest recommendation to everyone who wants to learn about the history of Prague and the Jewish experience through the years. She is a valuable source of knowledge, as she is studying this area for an advanced degree. I did a fair amount of reading before the tour with her, and she added so much more than one can get from the written displays in the various buildings and basic guide materials. Visiting the Jewish quarter, especially with Anna, is a fabulous choice for all, regardless of religion. Find Anna and reward yourself with a very interesting experience.

Visited September 2015
Marina del Rey, California

"More than you might have bargained for"

We had the good fortune of having Anna Kristyna Sion as our tour guide. She was very informative and very knowledgeable in every aspect of the Jewish experience in Prague and Bohemia. Her passion for her subject was clearly evident in her attention to detail. And yet she gave us as much time as we wanted to read and observe for ourselves the amazing exhibits in the various Jewish museums in Prague.  I personally had a family connection inasmuch as my grandparents were married in Prague and Anna ordered a copy of my grandparents wedding certificate for me and then took great pains to translate it and even provided a Google maps link showing the apartment where my grandmother used to live. For anyone planning to visit the Jewish quarter in Prague and anyone who wants to learn more about their own family histories I commend Anna to you as a true historian and a wonderful guide.

Visited January 2016
Daniel Bloom
Melbourne, Australia

“World-Class Tour Guide”

A walking tour of Prague's Jewish Quarter stirs all of the emotions. It is one thing to sightsee. It is quite another to feel the past come alive, to fill your soul with passion, awe, anger, rage, optimism and pride. No matter who you are, no matter where you are from, do not miss the opportunity to experience the history, the architecture, the extraordinary emotions that make the Jewish Quarter so very, very special.

No tour is great, however, without a world-class tour guide. And my wife and I considered ourselves most fortunate to have engaged Anna Kristyna Sion as our private tour guide. Her intimate knowledge of Prague's Jewish Quarter, her ability to articulate stories and historical information we'd otherwise never know -- and Anna's delightful charm and warmth -- truly made our walking tour a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Put this on your must-see list. Just be sure to experience Prague's Jewish Quarter with a guide who is not only an authority, but can share her knowledge in a way that is memorable, meaningful and mesmerizing. You can reach Anna by email ( or visit her website:

Visited April 2016
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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