Mikulov medieval town :


Unfortunately less known than Český Krumlov but not less beautiful! Use the opportunity before you say to Czech republic last goodbye to have a lunch or dinner and relaxing walk through very quiet medieval area.



Mikulov - the best vine in Czech republic:

(buying a bottle is highly recommended (10 USD)

Small pleasant medieval town set in the middle of Moravian vineyeard hills known as a Jewish Mikulov since 1421 after Jewish people from Vienna were expelled. For many years it was home to the famous Rabbi Loew who did create the Golem - mythical protector of Prague Jewish ghetto.


From town square you'll walk the Jewish street with the synagogue, castle of Henry von Lichtenstein and gardens. Along the fortification walls with an outstanding view of southern Moravia you'll return in circle back to the square.

After saying to Mikulov goodbye, not even 45 min is left to reach the Vienna. There is no stop or passport check on the borderline anymore.

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